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Rathi Param

Toronto, May 27-29, 2024

We are look forward to hosting our 9th Conference and Expo just minutes from the airport at the Delta by Marriott Toronto Airport Convention Centre. Don't miss out on Canada's largest collection of growers, retailers and brands.

Rathi Param

Edmonton, AB, September 29 - Oct. 1, 2024

We are look forward to hosting our 10th Conference and Expo downtown at the Edmonton Convention Centre. Don't miss out on Canada's largest collection of growers, retailers and brands.

Previous Speaking Engagements at Grow Up:

Rathi Param

Founder and President of Validationtech Inc., International Medical Cannabis Association and NACPT Pharma College.

Rathi Param is the president/founder of the International Medical Cannabis Association (IMCA), North American College of Pharmaceutical Technology (NACPT) and Validation Tech Inc. Rathi earned her B.Sc. in Chemistry from University Ottawa and Post Graduate Pharmaceutical QA & QC Certification from SRN Institute. She is in the process of earning her MBA in Technology from the University of Phoenix

She is an innovative and creative leader with more than fifteen years of hands-on experience in many scientific industries (medical cannabis, medical devices, environmental, food, pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical), complemented with fifteen years of corporate training experience. She possesses extensive expertise and knowledge of Quality Control, Quality Assurance, Formulation, Validation, Technology Transfer, Manufacturing Technology, Process Improvements, Auditing, and Inspection. Currently, Rathi is also taking the role of Quality Assurance Person (QAP) for Green Amber Canada (Pending Cannabis Producer). In addition, Rathi has been assisting medical cannabis companies in regards to setting quality management systems and validation programs.

In the past 15+ years, Rathi has held strategic management roles in major Canadian name brand/generic pharmaceutical companies. Validation Scientist at Patheon Inc., Validation Services Manager at Sanofi Pasteur Limited, Toronto., Validation Specialist at CibaVision, Mississauga., Validation Quality Engineer (Consultant) at iPOC, Toronto, QA Director at CMAX Technologies, Validation Director at Canabox Inc., and Quality Assurance Person in charge at Green Amber Canada, Vancouver to name a few.

She was a guest speaker and presenter in many universities’ panels, conferences and mentoring events. In the year 2017, she successfully conducted a NACPT Medical Cannabis Education Conference at the University of Toronto.

Her interest in helping graduates to commence their careers in the pharmaceutical and related industries was the motivation to launch both NACPT Pharma College and Validation Tech, to provide hands-on training and create a platform to direct the pathway to successful recruitment by the pharmaceutical and related companies.