QuickStrip™ No Smoke. No Smell. No Stigma.™

QuickStrip™ No Smoke. No Smell. No Stigma.™

Saturday September 14th
3:55 PM - 4:15 PM
Demo Stage
Speakers: Kristina Shea


QuickStrip™ is a game-changing innovative and proprietary delivery method for both medical and recreational cannabis consumers. There is now a new choice to consume your cannabis products smoke-free — Anytime, Anywhere™.

QuickStrip™ is an oral dissolvable thin film strip that can be taken under your tongue or inside your cheek – quickly delivering cannabinoids directly into your bloodstream and bypassing your first-pass metabolism for rapid results.

QuickStrip™ offers a Smoke-Free Choice™ with precise dosing, increased bioavailability, rapid onset and increased efficacy. Quick, Convenient, Precise and Discreet™

Learn more at www.rapid-dose.com and www.QuickStrip.life


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