Kristina Shea

Kristina Shea

Burlington, ON, Canada
Marketing & Communications Director, Rapid Dose Therapeutics (RDT)

Kristina Shea is a founding team member of Rapid Dose Therapeutics, senior marketing executive, single mother, and a medical cannabis patient herself. Kristina is a passionate advocate — with a mission to support ending stigma that surrounds cannabis use. She is also a proud feminist supporting inclusivity within corporations for equal representation in leadership roles and a voice at the table.

Kristina also has a personal medical story — she suffered from a serious brain cyst resulting in debilitating migraines and subsequent health conditions — including the undesired side-effects from prescription pain killers. Kristina then discovered the medical benefits of CBD — as a non-smoker, she desired a precisely dosed, non-smoking, delivery system other than smoking or vaping. This prompted her journey with Rapid Dose Therapeutics.

Rapid Dose Therapeutics is a Canadian life sciences company public on the CSE: DOSE. QuickStrip™, is their flagship delivery system and product. QuickStrip™ is a sublingual thin dissolvable film delivery system — providing a discreet and Smoke-Free Choice™ for cannabis consumers.

A No Smoke. No Smell. No Stigma solution.

Kristina now shares her personal story, and educates the public on the smoke-free delivery system, to support the normalization and education of medical cannabis applications.

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