What’s In Store: The Hazy Future of Cannabis Retail

Saturday September 14th
1:45 PM - 2:30 PM - Main Stage
Speakers: Brianna Martyn, Cameron Brown, David Schenk, James Jesty, Sonny Brar

Panel Discussion

When Ontario finally allowed the opening of its first bricks-and-mortar cannabis retail stores, the public (and the media) flocked to the joints, temporarily at least. Others remained at home, waiting for delivery – a private transaction between the buyer and their mail carrier. In many ways, cannabis retail mirrors the convulsive evolution of retail in general. The mall-killer Amazon is not in the game yet, but the mere option of home-delivery (offset against the remaining stigma of being seen walking into a “weed shop”) hangs over any predictions of the future of cannabis stores. On the other hand, the stores offer personalized service, and a hand-to-hand transaction without shipping fees. We weigh the arguments for both, and consider how retail is most likely to evolve.

Moderated By: Sonny Brar

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