Simplifying the Cannabis Supply Chain with Automation

Wednesday December 1st
1:25 PM - 1:55 PM - Main Stage Expo Floor
Speakers: Christoph Buchmann, Kevin Budhoo
The industry has raced to move to online, experienced massive fluctuations in consumer demand, and is now balancing brick and mortar as well as online sales, this all leads to new complexities in the cannabis supply chain making it difficult to navigate. Align that with mergers, acquisitions, and international growth and the complexity becomes unmanageable in the current state of how we execute within our supply chain. It is critical to have good planning in place to defend profit and attack competition. Operational transparency and efficiency are key to be first to market, avoid disruption, and prepare for future growth. This session will discuss transforming order fulfillment strategies using automation to set up operations for business success.
Monday June 20, 6pm - 10pm

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