The Importance of Clean in the Cannabis Industry

Wednesday December 1st
12:05 PM - 12:35 PM - Main Stage Expo Floor
Speakers: Mike Watt
In many respects, the cannabis industry is now just coming on-line into full facility care cleaning. Facility care has been happening for decades now and occurs in areas like Pharma & Food product producing facilities, as well as Hospitals and Long Term Care facilities where pathogens and words like nosocomial are well understood. Much of what has been learned in the cleaning industry is tried and true and we’ve come to know what we now know, largely through failure, so our ambition is to disseminate some failure avoidance principals and focus on the business of cleaning, to support the business of cannabis on the following themes:


  • Broad Facility Care Discussion
  • IPA – Potential Health and Environmental Risk
  • Danger in the workplace – Multi-faceted discussion – Worker and Environment
  • WHMIS, as it relates to the worker and Cannabis production facilities
  • Green Cleaning and GreenGuard Gold certification for cleaning chemicals used indoors
  • Production – Equipment to task as opposed to labour to task
  • Training – Specific to facility care knowledge
  • Building Service Contractors – Their place in the cannabis industry
Monday June 20, 6pm - 10pm

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