Energy Management for Indoor Cultivation…Lessons Learned from the Experts!

Friday October 6th
1:00 PM - 1:50 PM - Room 205
Speakers: Dario DiCarlo, Dusty Shroyer, Ed Warpinski, Kathleen Hokanson

Where is the best place to begin to find waste and inefficiency in the price competitive and heavily regulated Canadian & US cannabis cultivation market? A panel of cannabis cultivation and energy management industry experts explore the intersection of business and investments made in energy management planning for indoor cannabis cultivation. Join this session to gain insight from similar size real-life indoor cultivation examples, energy market strategies, practical management plan principles, techniques, technologies and equipment used for energy cost reduction and learn from the differences between their choices.

  • Learn the outline of energy management plan – The important parts!
  • Learn how location affects power, natural gas and water costs. a. Deregulated vs. regulated?
  • Learn different operations, grow styles and use of power, natural gas & water.
  • How to manage energy consumption kWh and peak demand kW? a. Global Adjustment Charge
  • Is Combined heat & Power (ChP) energy generation a good choice or not?

Moderator: Kathleen Hokanson, President & CEO, Koan Energy Consultants



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