The Sesh Club Session – Tuning into the People of Cannabis

What does it truly mean to be a person “in” cannabis? How do we each uniquely connect to the plant through our lives, our work, and ourselves? How are we each individually impacting the larger cannabis movement across the globe? How do we tell our stories in a way that is unique, compelling, and true to who we are?

This conversation will explore what it means to be a person “in” cannabis, examine how each of our unique stories and brands plays a part in the larger collective, and walk the audience through a guided process to get in touch with our personal cannabis story.

The Farmgate Experiment – The Good, The Bad, The Future

Ontario, Saskatchewan, New Brunswick, and soon to be BC have adopted a farmgate sales concept. What does it look like? Is it working? What could make it better? And Who is next? Join Tanner Stewart (Stewart Farms); Lisa Campbell (Mercari); Thomas O’Neill (Aggressive Organics) and Kieley Beudry (AMCLA). Moderated by Katy Perry (Toke Cannabis).

The Future is High – Canna-tourism and consumption lounges

Despite a continued stigma around cannabis and limited cannabis promotional opportunities, canna-tourism and consumption lounges are an inevitable next step. Join Thomas O’Neill (Aggressive Organics); Chef Jordan Wagman; Elizabeth Becker (HiBnB) as they discuss what is and what’s next for cannabis in society. Moderated by Brytany Melville (The Grown Group).

Distribution, Distribution, Distribution – Moving your product

Who would have thought that cultivating quality cannabis was the easy part. Demand limited by strict regulations on promotions, lack of education on cannabis benefits, and continued societal stigma is producing challenges for Canadian LPs to access markets. Join Mahad Ali (The Legacy Market) and Jennifer Maccarone (Final Bell) to give insight on the importance of diverse distribution systems in making your business profitable. Moderated by Kieley Beaudry (Alberta Micro Cannabis Licence Association).

State of the Industry: The Costs of Doing Business

From excise taxes to mark ups to increased regulations the Canadian Cannabis sector is facing some of it’s most serious challenges as it matures into five years after legalization. Join George Smitherman (Cannabis Council of Canada); David Hyde (Hyde Advisory and Investments / CannaNavigators) and Pete Shearer (Shearer Consulting) share their thoughts on what’s next for Canadian cannabis. Moderated by Bridget Hoffer

Opening Remarks/ Land & Peoples Acknowledgement

Thank you for attending the 5th Grow Up Conference.  Grow Up extends our gratitude to the Haudenosaunee and Anishinaabe peoples who have helped shape this region and continue to work, play, and care for this region.  Offering a Land and Peoples’ acknowledgement is important for us as a society to better learn of our history, but we have to move beyond a simple acknowledgement and work towards true reconciliation.

Nano Emulsion (Rapid Onset) Benefits

There are numerous benefits to consuming cannabis through nano-emulsion. The extremely small cannabis oil/water particles provide greater therapeutic efficacy and offer the potential to minimize adverse effects. Nano particles in water means the solution is water soluble and therefore passes more easily into the bloodstream, resulting in faster onset.  And if you feel the effects sooner you can more easily gauge if you need or want to take more.  This burgeoning field is changing the way many ingestible and topical cannabis products are produced, how we use them, and how they affect us, and is clearing a path for innovative new products.