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Grow Up Awards

Grow Up Awards

The Grow Up Industry Awards is a national annual event honouring cannabis professionals and companies and recognizing excellence and innovation in our industry. Reserve your seat for this exclusive event. Tickets are $60/each or included in VIP tickets.

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Interview with Tommy Chong

Join us for a captivating discussion as cannabis icon and legend Tommy Chong sits down with his son Paris Chong for an intimate and enlightening conversation. Delve into their shared experiences, and unique perspectives on the evolving cannabis landscape. From legendary moments to future possibilities, you will get an exclusive glimpse into the world of cannabis icon.
Interviewer: Paris Chong

Medical Cannabis: Advancements, Applications, and Patient Care

This panel will center on the medical applications of cannabis. Renowned medical professionals, researchers, and patient advocates will discuss the latest developments in medical cannabis research, therapeutic benefits, and patient experiences. Attendees will gain valuable insights into the potential of medical cannabis in treating various health conditions and promoting overall wellness. The discussion will emphasize evidence-based information and explore the future prospects of medical cannabis in healthcare.
Moderator: Antuanette Gomez

The Future of Cannabis Retail: Innovation, Customer Experience, and Market Trends

This panel will explore the evolving landscape of cannabis retail, focusing on innovation, customer experience, and emerging market trends. Experts from the retail sector and industry leaders will discuss novel retail formats, technology-driven solutions, and strategies to enhance the overall customer journey. Attendees will gain valuable insights into optimizing store layouts, product displays, and personalized services, while also gaining a deeper understanding of the latest market trends that are shaping the future of cannabis retail. The discussion aims to equip retailers with valuable knowledge to thrive in this dynamic and competitive industry.
Moderated by: Siobhan McCarthy

Discussing BC’s New Sampling Policy

Join us as we discuss British Columbia’s recent changes in cannabis sampling regulations. As new regulations get added, there will be a lot of questions. Our panel will discuss open the guidelines allowing brands the opportunity to provide samples to licensed retailers.
Moderator: Robert Laurie

Cannabis Consumption Lounges: Redefining Social Experiences

Canada can become a hub for cannabis tourism. Explore the opportunities and challenges of using cannabis as an attraction in the Canadian tourism industry. Join our experts in the fields of tourism, hospitality, and cannabis, as they discuss the impact of cannabis legalization on the tourism industry, including consumption lounges, the growth of cannabis-themed tours, events, and experiences. They will also address the challenges of creating safe and responsible cannabis tourism experiences, and the role of government regulations in shaping the industry.
Moderator: Owen Smith

Mergers & Acquisitions / How to Avoid Bankruptcy : Navigating Opportunities and Risks in Cannabis Investments

This panel will delve into the intricacies of cannabis investments, focusing on mergers and acquisitions as well as strategies to avoid bankruptcy. Industry experts and financial specialists will discuss the opportunities and risks involved in investment ventures, providing attendees with valuable insights to make informed decisions. Participants will gain a deeper understanding of the dynamics of mergers and acquisitions within the cannabis sector, as well as best practices for mitigating risks and ensuring financial stability in this rapidly evolving industry.
Moderator: Dr. Av Singh

Navigating Legalization Challenges: Compliance, Regulation, and Advocacy

This panel will address the hurdles presented by cannabis legalization, focusing on crucial aspects such as compliance, regulation, and advocacy. Experts and industry leaders will discuss the complexities of staying compliant with ever-changing laws, navigating regulatory requirements, and the importance of advocacy efforts in shaping favorable cannabis policies.
Moderator: David Brown

Cultivating Reconciliation: Indigenous Perspectives in Canada’s Cannabis Landscape

In recent years , the Canadian cannabis industry has undergone a profound transformation, transitioning from a historically marginalized sector to a legitimate market. However, this journey towards legitimacy hasn’t been without its complexities, particularly when considering the Indigenous perspectives and the process of reconciliation. This panel brings together experts, thought leaders, and Indigenous voices to delve into the intersection of Indigenous rights, cannabis legalization, and ongoing reconciliation efforts in Canada.
Moderator: Stacey Duff