Fireside chat with Jim Belushi

Jim Belushi, performer, farmer and star of Discovery Channel’s Growing Belushi. In addition to sharing his journey creating Belushi’s Farms, the cannabis connoisseur will discuss the passions that spurred his entry into cannabis and the challenges he’s faced in growing and remaining nimble in an ever-changing industry.

Farmgate in Canada: Overview and Future Directions

The presentation will explain what cannabis farmgate is and could become, looking at the prospects for different licensees, including cultivators. Ideas being discussed include using farmgate stores to promote cannabis tourism and providing tasting and sampling as with wineries and craft breweries. The presentation will review provincial governments’ moves to establish farmgate programming and conclude by considering the outlook for farmgate in applicable provinces. The scope for cultivators’ participation will be discussed with fresh insights from BC’s current consultation exercise. Moderator Christina Michael

Psychedelic Use in Canada; Results of the Canadian Psychedelic Survey 2022

This presentation will highlight the primary findings of the Canadian Psychedelic Survey (CPS), the most comprehensive survey of Canadian Psychedelic Use to date. CPS took place in January 2022, with 2393 adult respondents, and during this session we’ll learn who uses psychedelics in Canada, and explore patterns of use of 11 common psychedelics, as well as co-use with other substances. We’ll also explore peak positive and negative experiences and associated outcomes, micro vs. macro use, and review primary motivations for both recreational and medical use.”

Hop Latent Viroid

Hop Latent Viroid is impacting legal cannabis crops worldwide and is one of the greatest threats to the cannabis industry. How do we test for it and what can we do to get rid of it.

Sustainability – the future of cannabis packaging

  • Current state of packaging – How regulations affect the choices producers make. Challenges with materials, costs and keeping your products fresh.
  • Working together – Why is packaging one of the last things producers think about but the first thing a consumer sees?
  • Sustainability – the future of cannabis packaging

Cryptocurrency in the Cannabis Space

(Presentation) Cannabis and cryptocurrencies may seem like strange bedfellows, but they’ve collided in new and interesting ways. Largely driven by challenges in accessing banking and capital, cryptocurrency has arisen as an option for operators in the cannabis space. Along with exploring options available to operators, Dean will discuss the ability to back cryptocurrency with real assets.