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Navigating New Realms: Psychedelic Access, Safety, and Advocacy in Focus

Immerse yourself in a thought-provoking panel that centers on the intersection of psychedelics, safe access, and advocacy. Expert activists, researchers, and advocates will engage in a dynamic discussion, sharing insights on how to ensure responsible and informed exploration of psychedelics. From discussing harm reduction strategies to promoting equitable access, this panel offers a comprehensive exploration of the efforts driving safe and inclusive psychedelic experiences while fostering a culture of awareness and responsibility.
Moderator: Phillippe Lucas

Psychedelic Explorations: Unveiling Research, Therapeutic Potential, and Beyond

Join our panel for a captivating journey into the realm of psychedelic research, where leading experts will shed light on groundbreaking studies, therapeutic applications, and the untapped frontiers of this field. Delve into the latest findings on psychedelics’ effects on mental health, consciousness, and well-being, and discover their potential to revolutionize mental health treatments. This discussion offers a comprehensive overview of the evolving landscape of psychedelic research, providing attendees with valuable insights into its profound implications for science, medicine, and society.
Moderator: Phillipe Lucas

Cash & Cultivation: The Learnings of Scaling Your Grow

Delve into the dynamic intersection of finance and cannabis cultivation in our panel, with frequent mergers and acquisitions with global cannabis grow facilities, what does that look like? Seasoned cultivators and financial experts will share invaluable insights gained from scaling their grow operations. Explore the financial challenges, strategic decisions, and lessons learned during the process of expanding cultivation capacities. Whether you’re considering growth or seeking to optimize your current setup, this panel offers essential takeaways for navigating the financial aspects of cultivation expansion successfully.
Moderator: Dustan McLean

Psuedo Science: Debunking Grow Myths

In this enlightening panel, experts in cannabis cultivation will debunk common myths and pseudoscientific practices that often circulate within the growing community. Uncover the truth behind various misconceptions, from miracle nutrients to unconventional lighting methods, as our panelists provide evidence-based insights that separate fact from fiction. Join us to gain a deeper understanding of effective growing practices rooted in science and experience, ensuring successful outcomes for cultivators at all levels.

ABC’s of Growing: From Closet to Commercial

Expert growers will guide you from small-scale setups to large commercial operations, sharing essential insights into cultivation techniques, equipment, and scaling practices. Whether you’re a novice cultivator or aspiring to expand your operation, this panel offers a comprehensive roadmap to transform your cultivation journey from closet endeavours to successful commercial ventures.
Moderator: Robert Laurie

From Seed to Extracts: The Collaborative Journey of Skilled Phenohunters and Extractor Experts

Join us as we dive deep into the symbiotic relationship between phenohunters and extraction specialists. As phenohunters meticulously search for the most desirable cannabis traits, cannabis extractors transform these findings into premium quality concentrates. This panel discussion will explore the mutual benefits of their collaborative journey, the challenges they face, and the potential for innovation when these two worlds of expertise converge. Together, phenohunters and extraction specialists shape the quality, potency, and diversity of cannabis products available in the market.
Moderator: Andrew Hand

Breeding Excellence: Maximizing Breeding Efforts for Superior Seed Production

Join us for an engaging panel discussion delving into the mysterious world of cannabis breeding and seed production. Our esteemed guest speakers, and renowned legacy experts in the field, will shed light on the intricate processes involved in cultivating healthy, viable, premium-quality seeds. From personal passions that ignited a career in cannabis to debunking common breeding myths, our esteemed panellists will guide the audience through the nuances of this intricate field. We will explore the crucial role of environmental conditions and nutrition, investigate the influence of genetics, and seek valuable insights and tips to optimize breeding results. From the wonders of plant genetics to the art of seed cultivation, whether you’re a novice or a seasoned breeder, this panel promises knowledge and insight for all.
Moderator: Andrew Hand

The MasterClass Fishbowl

Grow Up Favourites have a casual conversation about all that is right and all that is wrong with cannabis cultivation. It’s an opportunity to hear some holistic but diverse perspectives on common cannabis cultivation problems.
Moderator: Dr. Av Singh


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