Packaging your homegrown is one of the most important steps in ensuring that you preserve the terpenes and moisture of your bud.

Light it Up

Review all types of lighting available. HID, LED, Fluorescent. Associated pros and cons and costs involved

Live Resin vs Live Rosin

Live resin is generally considered top-tier among solvent-based concentrates for its fresh-plant flavours and well-preserved terpene profiles. However, live rosin has earned a bigger and better reputation among cannabis flavour aficionados. But there are important and significant differences between live resin and live rosin that our panel will discuss.

Making Extraction more Sustainable

As the cannabis industry soars across our earth, we must be mindful of what our planet has already endured. The industry’s monumental popularity means that abundant resources must be used for cultivating cannabis plants, extracting them, and purifying the molecules within for downstream product formulations. The burning question this panel provides answers for is how can we continue to grow sustainably?