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Keynote: Otis Jasper on Honouring Indigenous Roots

Honoring Indiginous Roots. Scientists studying the clinical applications of psychedelics inevitably find their way to ayahuasca, shaminism and the role of natural mind altering substances within indigenous spirituality and religious practice. In a field of study where science and religion can truly coexist, researchers and non indigenous people must be mindful of honoring the traditions of sacred plants as they attempt to build a bridge between native cultures and the efficacy of their medicine. This session will consider the traditional use of psychedelics and the reciprocity that must come along with adapting it

Keynote – Otis Jasper

H.E.R. – The Mycelium Network and the Opportunity to develop Affiliations in Conscious Business

The world of business is filled with ego-centric corporations whose main objective is to gain capital and fill the pockets of stakeholders. Connections made are centered around self-gain, which end result tends to create division and divide with little positive impact on the greater ecosystem. In the world of psychedelics and earth medicine there is a different vibe that drives its own set of objectives. Being that psychedelics and earth medicine give life to a more conscious and heart-based culture, strategies are naturally more interconnected and considerate of interdependent relationships. This microdose presentation will introduce you to affiliate marketing through a mycelium-like network methodology as a business strategy for brands who want long-term, deep-rooted growth in the new conscious gig economy.


Closing Address – Follow the Dayglow Rainbow: The Future of Psychedelic Use and Research in Canada

The psychedelic “Renaissance” is well underway, and yet access to psychedelic therapies are still highly restricted and unavailable to most patients. This panel of Canadian psychedelic researchers and business leaders will discuss obstacles to access and how to overcome them, with a focus on current and upcoming studies and product development, regulatory changes, and evidence-based psychedelic-assisted treatments.

Moderated by Phillipe Lucas, PhD

Psychedelic Use in Canada; Results of the Canadian Psychedelic Survey 2022

This presentation will highlight the primary findings of the Canadian Psychedelic Survey (CPS), the most comprehensive survey of Canadian Psychedelic Use to date. CPS took place in January 2022, with 2393 adult respondents, and during this session we’ll learn who uses psychedelics in Canada, and explore patterns of use of 11 common psychedelics, as well as co-use with other substances. We’ll also explore peak positive and negative experiences and associated outcomes, micro vs. macro use, and review primary motivations for both recreational and medical use.”

Psychedelic Medicine in Canada – Laws, Regulatory Standing and Exciting New Innovations.

Some jurisdictions have already moved towards legalization of medical use of psychedelics. The wellness community, investors and researchers are starting to think positively about imminent wide acceptance. Up that’s. Upcoming breakthroughs may involve core challenges, or changes to existing legislation. Canada has already opened the door for access to end of life care, and therapist are seeking to expand on the latitude they’ve been given. Once psychedelic prohibition is passed then a full fledged regulatory landscape over place at, Covering intellectual property, inspection, quality control,  distribution, etc. This session will look ahead to a legal regulated future for psychedelics.
Moderated by Lucas McCann – Canndelta

Mitigating Suffering – Can Psychedelic medicine work for you?

We still need to understand the therapeutic benefits of select compounds such as psilocybin, ketamine, ibogaine, LSD, DMT, MDMA, peyote, cannabis and even more types of plant medicine that we are still learning about in the mainstream. This panel explores some of the options available for those who may want to consider  psychedelic therapy.

Moderated by. Marcus Roggen

Introductions to Psychedelics – An Overview

With psychedelics more and more often in the news and represented in media, there is much to learn and understand within the topic of psychedelics as a whole.  This session is intended to give attendees an overview of the Psychedelic space in Canada and touch on what the current Psychedelic landscape looks like today touching on psilocybin, ketamine, ibogaine, LSD, DMT, MDMA, peyote, ayahuasca, cannabis and more.

Moderated by Cy Williams