H.E.R. – The Mycelium Network and the Opportunity to develop Affiliations in Conscious Business

Monday June 20th
11:30 AM - 12:00 PM - Upper Pavillion (VCC)
Speakers: Sami Micelli

The world of business is filled with ego-centric corporations whose main objective is to gain capital and fill the pockets of stakeholders. Connections made are centered around self-gain, which end result tends to create division and divide with little positive impact on the greater ecosystem. In the world of psychedelics and earth medicine there is a different vibe that drives its own set of objectives. Being that psychedelics and earth medicine give life to a more conscious and heart-based culture, strategies are naturally more interconnected and considerate of interdependent relationships. This microdose presentation will introduce you to affiliate marketing through a mycelium-like network methodology as a business strategy for brands who want long-term, deep-rooted growth in the new conscious gig economy.


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