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Grow Up Speaker

2023 Alberta

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Grow Up: 2023 Alberta

Adrian Everett

Adrian is the master grower with Northside Grow Co– a craft cannabis producer based out of Calgary, AB. Prior to the cannabis industry, Adrian spent 20+ years in the HVAC industry, specializing in commissioning large scale commercial and industrial projects, including cannabis facilities. During a commissioning project in the high Arctic, Adrian suffered a life changing back injury- it was this injury that led him to cannabis as something more than simple recreation- it was medicine. Despite working in an industry that had a zero tolerance policy to cannabis use, Adrian turned to cannabis to replace the prescription pain killers that were slowly destroying him. Realizing the sheer cost of purchasing cannabis, Adrian began cultivating his own medicine at home, running a perpetual medical grow, and really digging into the science of producing good cannabis. In 2015 Adrian started opening up about his cannabis use, and began the transition to the cannabis industry by co-founding Shays Roots, a company that ensured any Canadian, no matter how remote, could have an appointment with a cannabis prescribing doctor, free of charge. Since then he has stepped into cultivation, and has operated multiple commercial grows as master/lead grower ranging from a micro, to large scale green houses. His current facility- Northside Grow Co, he has been with since design. Utilizing his HVAC knowledge, he helped design a facility that virtually eliminated the climate issues most facilities face, all while reducing utility costs by as much as 40% or more. Over the last year, Adrian started focusing on the people in the industry- the ones that actually make that product a craft. He is always looking for ways to increase that work/life balance, and actively seeks individuals that share the same goals he does- produce a craft product to be proud of. He started working with a foundation that specializes in helping people with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), his goal was to provide careers in the cannabis industry to people with ASD, as he saw a good fit due to the procedural nature of his industry. It was during this time Adrian learned he too, was autistic. It’s in Adrian’s nature to help as he recognizes the benefit of community. Whether that’s speaking with a new LP about procedures, helping another producer with their HVAC/automation, or helping home growers in the Facebook group the Growers Guild- it doesn’t matter who they are, his only requirement is willingness to learn. His ultimate goal is to have Canada known for its craft cannabis, and in order to reach that goal it’s in his best interests, to help others succeed as this is very much, a team effort.

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