Dale Overton

Dale Overton

Winnipeg, MB, Canada
CEO, Overton Environmental Enterprises Inc.

Dale Overton is the CEO of Overton Environmental Enterprises Inc. and Founder of EcoTea, an advanced liquid biological soil/crop amendment. Dale is seasoned ecologist with over 15 years of experience in soil and aquatic ecology. Dale has an exceptional knowledge of how functional microbes can be utilized in plant systems to improve plant health and quality of desired parameters.


Dale works with some of the largest farms in Canada and has also been head hunted to work on urban land reclamation projects in the USA. Dale has significant experience in the Cannabis industry as well.


Further to that, Dale works with large food processing and forestry companies helping to transform organic waste streams into value add, innovative products. Dale is a passionate scientist and enjoys sharing information to help create more sustainable and profitable cropping systems.

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