Dani Hao

Dani Hao

Vancouver, BC, Canada
Head of Communications, Procurify

Dani leads Communications & community-building efforts at Procurify.com, a software company based in Vancouver, BC that helps organizations manage their spending. Procurify helps many emerging cannabis companies such as Anandia Labs, Evolabs, and Palliatech track and control spending, with an easy to use solution that works with seed-to-sale software to drive more spend control and purchasing compliance.

Dani is also the co-host of Spend Culture Podcast, the world’s first female-produced podcast on organizational culture and finance, which is a top 50 finance podcast on iTunes in Canada. The podcast explores how organizations can be more proactive with their Spend Culture through interviews with experts in various industries, such as cannabis. Dani has interviewed cannabis CEOs, accountants, auditors, and CFOs from all around the world.

With a natural passion for community building, connectivity, and storytelling, she is passionate about creating opportunities to find unique avenues to tell stories of people, solutions, and organizations that add value to our world and lives.

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