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Grow Up Speaker

2022 Victoria BC

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Dean Jessop

Dean is the CEO of D’Anterior Corp, a commercial construction company that specializes in Designing and building Cannabis Facilities.

D’Anterior responds to the challenges that is unique to cannabis facilities, by partnering with our clients to provide customized solutions. These tests the bounds of generic construction and we implement procedures and designs to make your business thrive. ​Unlike domestic properties, no one can deny that quality of the build, location and the structure of a cannabis property is a big part of the key to a successful facility.

Dean has had an array of Entrepreneurial experiences over the past few decades.

One is being the C.O.O. of Nikola Tesla Unite, a company that was created by the Foundation to keep Nikola Tesla’s legacy moving forward. The foundation that manages the rights and patents of Nikola Tesla’s legacy.

Dean has not only been an advocate for Cryptocurrency for over a decade, but also a direct contributor to some of the most important technological developments in our society relating to digital media, digital marketing and digital money. Dean is currently working on changing the essence of economics using cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Deanauthored a book in 2018 on the basics of understanding Cryptocurrency, called Bitcoin Building Blocks, a beginner’s guide to cryptocurrency.

Dean has produced TV shows, helped build the Accelerator for the U of T, launched a national magazine, all putting the right people in place to get the job done efficiently and properly.

Dean is an innovator in alternative solutions for problems where most others concede to. With a long history of different methods that have helped in evolving a multitude of industries, some of them being Cryptocurrency, technology, logistics and of course Cannabis. Dean has been in the forefront of new concepts and technologies for the last few decades, while contributing to the greater ecosystems.

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If you are in the cannabis growing industry and would like the opportunity to speak at Grow Up Conference and Expo, please click here to apply.