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Grow Up Speaker

2022 Victoria BC

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Dominique Laverdure

Dominique Laverdure has more than twenty years of marketing and communications experience, overseeing both strategy
With over 25 years of experience with public, private and non-profit clients, Dominique Laverdure has developed integrated
communications and marketing strategies for Quebec’s top brands. In 2004, she left the big city life in Montreal and founded
Rouge marketing in Mont-Tremblant. Since then, the agency established a strong reputation in Quebec and in France, thus
bringing its sought-after know-how to Europe.

Dominique is a multidisciplinary strategist who understands the complexity and challenges of generating business value.
Adept at communicating strategies and business propositions effectively, she is a high-profile business leader with a solid
expertise in marketing communication, public relations, and business development.

As a positive and committed visionary, Dominique is driven by business opportunities, and determined to support
entrepreneurs in their growth and outreach. On a daily basis, she inspires leaders and mobilizes teams by sparking their
creativity and encouraging them to break out of conventional thinking. She embraces a collaborative approach to ignite
passion in people to work towards a common goal. Dominique keeps abreast of current trends and challenges related to
the business market and the public sector. She studies the relationships between entrepreneurs, municipal institutions and
political organizations, and identifies the opportunities that arise from their complex interconnections.

Dominique has been a member of the EO Montreal organization for over 5 years and serves as President of its business
network for a second term. She also acts as a Member Experience Director on the Board of EO Canada, and as a mentor to
several start-up entrepreneurs.

Dominique is also a board member of Origine Nature, a company specializing in the production and sale of recreational
cannabis, where she holds the position of VP Marketing.

Moreover, Dominique is a board member of the Conseil de gestion de l’assurance parentale du Québec since May 2018. She
is also on the board of directors of The Chambers of Commerce Insurance Corporation of Canada since February 2018.
Interested in social issues and the value of giving back to her community, Dominique holds the role of President of Domaine
Saint-Bernard, an ecotourism park in Mont-Tremblant. She is also the founder and President of Chefs à la rescousse, an NPO
launched in the spring of 2020, amid the pandemic.

On November 7, 2021, Dominique officially became a councillor for the City of Mont-Tremblant. She also acts as deputy mayor.
Dominique is a born leader with a bold and daring style. She dares to be brave, to step over the line, to innovate, to surround
herself with exceptional talent, to take risks in some of her business decisions, to change the corporate culture, to offer
freedom to her team, to redefine the client approach… Above all, Dominique dares to succeed.

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