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Grow Up: 2019

Kieley Beaudry

Mother, caregiver, relationship builder, entrepreneur and self-described “serial student”, Kieley Beaudry is the co-founder of Parkland Flower Inc. and the Founder and President of the Alberta Cannabis Micro License Association.

A cannabis user for 25 years, her personal journey as a caregiver using cannabis therapies started in 2013 when her father-in-law was diagnosed with Glioblastoma, a series of brain tumours. To help him sustain quality of life, Kieley and her husband researched and made cannabis oil when they found his options for cannabinoid therapies were limited during end-of-life care.

As a mother to an 8-year-old daughter who lives with Cystic Fibrosis, Kieley’s research extended further into her family life as she began treating her daughter’s symptoms with cannabis. These experiences led to Kieley devoting her time to other families, helping them navigate treating their children who live with chronic disease or illness holistically with cannabis. She encourages parents to be responsible for their cannabis consumption while advocating for the normalization of cannabis as part of a healthy family dynamic.

Kieley has applied her years of intense research of cannabis into developing different oils, topicals, tinctures, lotions and suppositories from legal cannabis products while helping people navigate Canada’s medical cannabis program. Kieley also has developed an interest in the connection between cannabis and sexual health, taking the taboo out of both topics by talking about each openly and honestly through her platforms.

As a self-named “serial student”, Kieley has enjoyed education at Western University, Fanshawe College, and received an Occupational Health and Safety Diploma, with distinction, in 2009 from the University of Alberta, after receiving her Workforce Trainer Certification from Keyano College. She is currently pursuing her Bachelor of Science in Occupational Safety and Health at Columbia Southern University and her Diploma of Organic Skincare Formulation from Formula Botanica. Kieley continues to passionately educate herself about cannabis by attending and speaking at various events, conferences and research symposiums.

Prior to cannabis, Kieley enjoyed a fast-moving career in Health and Safety where she oversaw the safety of hundreds of workers across numerous oil and gas sites. While raising her children, she reached Top 4 in all of Canada for Direct Sales with Mary Kay, birthing her interest in skincare and topicals.

With her personal experiences with cannabis fueling her passion, she successfully lobbied her own municipal government to allow for cannabis production in Parkland County. She opened Parkland Flower Inc. with two other co-founders, where they are applying for their micro-license and are in the early stages of building their business.

With a desire to bring cannabis micro-license applicants together, Kieley formed the Alberta Cannabis Micro License Association in June 2019, to help support and protect smaller cannabis operations in Alberta by providing innovation, collaboration and education within all levels of government in Alberta.
When she’s not learning about cannabis and passing on the knowledge, Kieley devotes all her time to her family, who together are tackling first-time dog ownership in the form of Tundra, a 90lbs (and still growing) Great Pyrenees. In her spare time, she is an avid snowboarder, has been known to carry a mean karaoke tune.
Kieley can be found on Instagram and Twitter at @kieleybeaudry

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