Larry Kropf

Larry Kropf

Director of Marketing, ALink Computer Systems Inc.

Larry Kropf earned a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Guelph in 1987 and spent over 25 years in the food industry. He has held management positions in Sanitation, operations and quality control and has been exposed to all sectors of the food industry.

In 2014 Larry was asked to use his quality assurance knowledge to help an MMPR applicant obtain his license. Since then he has been working in various aspects of the Cannabis industry consulting on Quality systems, and facility design. He is working with suppliers to the industry to help them ensure they are compliant with Health Canada and cannabis grower requirements.

A & L Canada Labs has long had a software packaged that helped greenhouse growers manage their growing process.

Larry has been was asked to help develop, and market, this program to suit the needs of the Cannabis industry. Working with Alink Computer Systems Inc, the approach has been to develop an open text, modular based system to meet the needs of the industry while incurring minimal incremental cost. Clients can purchase whatever modules they need without having to invest in features already offered in existing software. The open text ensures easy data transfer between programs the clients already have and the systems Larry is helping to develop.

ALink is partnering with Accounting and Document Management software providers to provide all the needs of the industry in a single user interface.

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