Mandeep Khara

Mandeep Khara

Vancouver, BC, Canada
Chief Marketing Officer, Zenabis Global Inc.

As Chief Marketing Officer for Zenabis Global Inc., Mandeep is tasked with strategic oversight of all marketing and outbound communication activities for Zenabis and its associated brands.

As an inaugural member of the Zenabis executive team, Mandeep offers a unique perspective on Zenabis as a company and played a key role in the conceptualization, establishment, and subsequent growth of the brand.

Prior to joining Zenabis, Mandeep lead marketing initiatives for several successful e-commerce businesses. By leveraging relationships with some of the world’s largest agencies, and managing large-scale national and international campaigns, Mandeep has been a key contributor in guiding several companies from initial market entrance to multimillion-dollar revenue streams.

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