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Come visit us in Toronto, May 27-29 as we host our 9th Conference and Expo just minutes from the airport at the Delta by Marriott Toronto Airport Convention Centre. Don't miss out on Canada's largest collection of growers, retailers and brands.

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Edmonton, AB, September 29 - Oct. 1, 2024

We are look forward to hosting our 10th Conference and Expo downtown at the Edmonton Convention Centre. Don't miss out on Canada's largest collection of growers, retailers and brands.

Previous Speaking Engagements at Grow Up:
2021 Niagara Falls | 2022 Victoria BC

Martin Boerema

I was born in the Netherlands and I started working as a cut roses and tropical plants grower in the Netherlands before moving to Canada where I continued my career as cut flower and potted plant grower in the Niagara Peninsula for the next 10 years.

From there I moved to Wausau Wisconsin USA where I was cut flower grower, married. and after 3 years we moved to California where I became a cut flower grower for a few large operations with multiple growing locations in Carpinteria, Southern California.

I continued my career as technical crop consultant for Grodan Inc. for vegetables in Mexico and California specializing in root zone management. During the economic crisis I became free lance crop consultant for multiple crops in California, including strawberries, cut flowers, vegetables, production and use of beneficial soil organisms, growing media, setting up trials for growers and agricultural companies.

I settled back in Wisconsin to work for Koppert Biological Systems, helping growers in the Mid West with Bumblebee pollination in outside and indoor crops, natural enemies and beneficial soil organisms for vegetable and ornamental growers.

After a few years I moved back to California where I worked with Local Urban Vegetables (LUV) in Whittier as horticultural officer to help develop their indoor aeroponics lettuce, greens and strawberry system in stacked containers.
During this period I consulted cannabis growers in SoCal, mostly growers I knew from the past, and continued my career with Signify as cannabis plant specialist over 3 years ago.

As plant specialist I support sales and growers in Canada and USA, see many sole source and greenhouse grown cultivations and help growers with the implementation of LED lighting, give general crop advice where needed.

Hope this is sufficient, and not too much info. You can make it shorter and summarize. I didn’t add dates, but I moved to Canada in 1986, to the USA in 1996, to California in 2000, back to WI in 2014, where my wife and I started a small vineyard (making sure we don’t have any free time)