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Grow Up Speaker

2021 Niagara Falls

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Shamar Beverly

Shamar Beverly(35) is a Rochester, New York-based entrepreneur, specializing in food and catering Business Development, Logistics and Recipe Formulation Development for his gourmet cannabis infusion brand “Green Eatery Co.” co owned by partner Jared Lockett who has 20 Plus years as chef, manager and working at Char for almost 8 years.

Shamar’s New York State based Green Eatery Co. legacy edibles brand caters to legacy market customers who rely on the wide array of delicious full-spectrum edibles for medical patients. Besides his cannabis venture, Shamar is an experienced “sneakerhead”, clothes-collector, curator, and designer of his very own brand that he launched in 2012- @shopinovation3 since 13’ (

With a Bachelors in Food Management/Hospitality (Rochester Institute of Technology) and an associate’s certificate in culinary arts (SUNY Delhi College of Technology) he spent seven years tenure at “Wegmans’” grocery store before managing University of Rochester’s on campus grocery stores with Aramark for another 4 years. After working for Aramark, Shamar decided to begin building his own entrepreneurship as a sole proprietor. Shamar understands all levels of the recipe development supply chain, and intimately understands what his local canna-clientele is craving. It can be tricky to incorporate cannabinoids without the “nasty” distillate taste that has become ubiquitous with cannabis-edibles, which is why Shamar always uses fresh flower inputs/infusions, rather than relying on powdered extractions. Green Eatery Co. prides itself on using solventless inputs in all distilales and processing.

Shamar runs his very own consulting and markering service for small businesses/startups. An experienced speaker and moderator, Shamar works the airwaves at “Genius Lab Radio” for the last five years, running his very own FM radio show on With over 22 years of customer service experience, Shamar is always happy to go above and beyond to retain his clientele and always makes sure that customer satisfaction is a top priority.

Shamar Beverly is Transmasculine (Black Male identifying) with 10+ years of cannabis industry experience and has spent the last 5 years perfecting “next generation” cannabis edibles. As an outspoken advocate for his community, Shamar is a former member of B.L.A.C.K. advocacy group, and a champion for Black/LGBTQ2+ community issues, and hopes to continue his cannabis career as New York State moves to legalize.

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