Stacey Hickman

Stacey Hickman

Streetsville, ON, Canada
Entomologist, Natural Insect Control

Stacey has achieved her Bachelor Sciences with honors in Entomology from Brock University in 1997. Since 1999 Stacey has been employed with Natural Insect Control and is now the head Entomologist, specializing in technical support.

She had spoken with many horticultural societies across Ontario on topics concerning the use biological controls and alternatives to chemicals. She has presented at Landscape Ontario Congress 2004 on using “Beneficial Insects in Interioscapes”. In the summer of 2005, to 2010, she was the lead speaker for Niagara Region’s Smart Gardening campaign.

She is an active volunteer with Niagara Healthy Environment Initiative. Stacey has done many presentations to councils and worked diligently as an educator on Cosmetic Chemical Bylaws.

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