Tabitha Fritz

Tabitha Fritz

Toronto, ON, Canada
Owner, mīhī

A serial entrepreneur, a business-builder, and a cannabis educator, Ms. Fritz has extensive experience successfully navigating the ever-changing cannabis cash market landscape.

Tabitha knows that cannabis can be a powerful tool in a woman’s quest for personal wellness and has founded companies aligned with that belief. In addition to The Green Tent, which legitimizes cannabis for women, she is a founding member of Bast, a women-led cannabis brand that makes products designed for women’s reproductive and gynecological health.

A mother of three, Tabitha is an advocate and resource for mothers and other parents and guardians who want to learn more about cannabis and how to speak to their kids about it.

She recently left a position as the manager of the Capstone Course at Rotman School of management, where she earned her MBA in 2014. She is currently developing the employee training for mīhī, a chain of retail cannabis stores, and sits on the NICHE Canada advisory board.

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