Grow Up LIVE (Vol.5):

EU GMP and Global Certification

Thursday, March 18, 2021 @ 2pm EST

Achieve a global license to sell. Join Vantage Hemp Co.’s Chief Operating Officer, Deepank Utkhede, and Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Daniel Chinnapen, as they outline proven strategies to meet the rigorous global certification requirements and achieve compliance to fulfill contracts.

Our expert panel will also take you on a virtual tour of their world-class CBD extraction facility to explore key factors facility operators must consider when receiving EU GMP and other Global Certifications. Topics covered include:

  • Incorporating safety into building design
  • Complying with international fire and building codes
  • Design considerations to prevent product contamination and improve workflow and process efficiency
  • Factors to consider before selecting extraction equipment

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Dr. Daniel Chinnapen

Chief Scientific Officer

Dr. Chinnapen recently joined Vantage as Chief Scientific Officer and is responsible for direction on oversight of the Company’s extraction operations, research and development. Dr. Chinnapen has a Ph.D. in Biochemistry and was a principal investigator at Harvard Medical School and Boston Children’s Hospital focused on research into large molecule therapeutic delivery. Dr. Chinnapen also brings extensive experience from various cutting-edge biotech companies focused on biologic drug development. He has publications in peer-reviewed journals and brings a critical eye to the science of CBD supporting the company’s deep-science approach at every step of the process from seed-to-extract

Deepank Utkhede

Chief Operations Officer

Mr. Utkhede has 22 years of experience in pharmaceutical formulation and process development and has extensive experience developing robust and commercially scalable manufacturing processes. He has worked extensively developing various pharmaceutical dosage forms — topicals (dermal and ocular), orals (capsules and liquid), parenterals (aseptic and terminally sterilized) — and drug/device combination products with extensive experience in the area of lyophilization, liposome and emulsion technology. Utkhede is also well versed in GMP/FDA regulation.

Bridget Hoffer

Marigold PR (Moderator)

Bridget is the co-founder of Marigold Marketing and PR, a communications strategist and brand expert. She has extensive experience in delivering strategic communications, marketing, and brand programs that achieve results and resonate. Her expertise ranges from developing and managing iconic Canadian brands to refreshed personal brands with effective positioning to ensure relevance and value.

Since 2015, she has been a consultant with individual clients, digital start-ups and PR firms providing communications strategy and planning for business development, expansion and launching new brands. From 2000 to 2014, Bridget was the executive director of CBC communications, marketing, and brand for all CBC English Services. She collaborated with CBC Radio-Canada’s French and Corporates service on national projects. During her tenure, CBC was ranked as one of Canada’s most influential brands by Ipsos. Previous, to her role as executive director, Bridget was director of CBC Radio and CBC regional communications. Before joining CBC, Bridget led the communications teams for the United Way of Winnipeg and the Winnipeg Art Gallery. Currently, she is a board member for Safetynet services in Oakville, ON.