Canadian Cannabis Clinics: Your Guide to the Rapidly Changing World of Medical Cannabis

Saturday October 7th
1:00 PM - 1:50 PM - Room 206
Speakers: Alex Revich, , Dr. Uma Dhanabalan, Ilya Strashun, Ryan Krelove

Allowing the legal use of cannabis as medicine is one thing. Finding a doctor to prescribe it who is not hampered by stereotypes, stigma or lack of knowledge is another. Fortunately for Canada’s 220,000 registered medical marijuana patients – legal, doctor-driven clinics have stepped in to fill the void (and are not to be confused with the illegal “dispensaries” that have dominated the headlines).  In this session, representatives of the clinic sector make their case for properly-monitored product, health awareness and consumer safety.

Keynote: Dr. Uma Dhanabalan, Uplifting Health & Wellness

Moderator: Alex Revich, Educator, Cannabis in Clinical Practice


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