Defining Your X-Factor: The Cannabis Marketing Panel

Friday September 13th
3:00 PM - 3:45 PM - Demo Stage
Speakers: Chad Finkelstein, Corey Herscu, Jessica Moran, Mandeep Khara, Tabitha Fritz

Panel Discussion

Selling legal cannabis remains a work in progress, with several marketing hurdles to overcome. Not least of these is that its main competition, the black market, also operates freely online at sales levels equal to its legal counterparts. So the question remains: with such a thriving illicit market, how do we, the legal ones, attract our customers back? Is thought-leadership content the way to go? Or is social media going to be our saving grace? This panel of marketing experts will look at the road ahead and seek answers to these questions and more.

Moderated By: Corey Herscu

Speaker Submissions

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