Jobs & Justice: How To Grow Businesses and Communities Through Legalization Reparations

Friday October 6th
1:00 PM - 1:50 PM - Rooms 207/208
Speakers: , Barinder Rasode, Jackie Subeck, Jodie Emery, John Fowler, Justin Pintwala, Trina Fraser

Legalization is underway and businesses are gearing up to legally supply the demand. Cannabis producers and retailers will require employees with experience dealing with cannabis. However, the reality is that many of those with cannabis experience have also acquired a criminal record as a result of their participation during prohibition. This panel will explore the topics of reparation, how to transition skilled employees into the legal sector and the role of transferrable skills.

Keynote: Jodie Emery, Political Activist & Cannabis Advocate

Moderator: John Fowler, President & CEO, Supreme Pharmaceuticals


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