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Deals, Mergers and Acquisitions for Cannabis Businesses

The cannabis sector has quickly become a hot spot for entrepreneurs, established businesses and financers in Canada. With the legalization of the recreational marijuana sector right around the corner, we can look to the already booming medicinal cannabis market for valuable insight. What should cannabis-sector participants be aware of regarding financing, selling and strategically growing their business as the sector flourishes under the new regulatory regime? Join our panel of experts as we identify best practices related to mergers and acquisitions, including strategic acquisitions, synergies and buying brands. You will receive professional insight on what makes mergers and acquisitions in the cannabis industry unique, what regulatory issues can come along with these transactions, and ideas for ways to raise capital. We will also discuss opportunities for ancillary businesses and provide insight on alternative financing models.

Moderator: Margaret Nelligan, Partner, Aird & Berlis LLP


Technology and Innovation in the Cannabis Space

From unobtrusive hi-tech vapes, to seed-to-sale software that manages inventory and tracks customer demand, the cannabis revolution is heating up its own R&D sector. Upcoming innovations will be the seed for the second-wave growth of ancillary businesses that will expand the marketplace into all-new areas. This crystal ball session offers a glimpse of tomorrow’s innovations today.

Moderator: Alex Blumenstein, Co-Founder, Leaf Group


Myth Busters: Separating The Facts From Fiction

This will be an interactive and engaging conversation that debunks many of the myths surrounding medical cannabis. Alex will answer questions from the audience, through facebook and emails received by the Growup conference. Some examples of the topics covered include:
Are the Indica vs. Sativa differences real and do you get higher when you smoke cannabis?

When National Branding Hits the Biz

When National Branding Hits the Biz

Until now, the mass-marketing of pot has been fodder for comedians (like Cheech & Chong’s “ad” for Acapulco Gold: The Herb Superb). But now that it’s to be a billion-dollar legitimate industry, what tone will national branding take? Cannabis as a consumer product will be embracing brand recognition and a broad spectrum of audiences. This session will strategize how “Big Bud” should be presented to the marketplace.

Moderator: Derek Riedle, Founder & Publisher, Civilized

Sponsored By: Rouge Media


Resource Efficiency & The Future of Cannabis Cultivation

The wholesale value cannabis flower has steadily been on the decline, yet farmers remain the only part of the supply chain to buy at retail and sell at wholesale. As regulations take hold and taxes grow, the cultivation market segment is facing smaller and smaller margins. Recent developments in greenhouse & indoor cultivation techniques & technology are fueled by this need to reduce costs, and many with the added bonus of reducing environmental impact. This session will highlight recent innovations in the cultivation vertical designed to help farmers get the edge necessary to compete in our rapidly growing industry.

List 5 key learning outcomes for your session:

  • Regulation, through fees & taxes, are shrinking margins far below what was previously enjoyed by black market operations.
  • Cultivation operations must reduce costs for long-term business sustainability.
  • State of the Art Greenhouse & Indoor cultivation technology has rapidly progressed in the last few years.
  • Integrating this technology into environmentally sound techniques and standard operating procedures can pay off at the bottom line & retail counter.
  • Consumers take note of environmentally conscious products

Women Leaders in Cannabis Breakfast presented by Up Cannabis

Women Leaders in Cannabis Breakfast presented by Up Cannabis

*Separate Ticketed Event* There are no ceilings, glass or otherwise, in a business being built from the ground up. Grow Up celebrates the female entrepreneurs who are seizing the opportunity and helping define the 21st Century cannabis business. Women who are already players in the industry will share experiences over breakfast with enthusiastic new investors. Relationships will form over the most day’s most important meal.

Sponsored by: Newstrike/Up Cannabis Inc.

Moderator: Alison McMahon, CEO, Cannabis At Work