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Soil and Sativa: A Ground-Up Approach to Growth

Friday September 13th
1:00 PM - 3:00 PM - Masterclass Stage
Speakers: Dale Overton, Dr. Av Singh, Erin Lapansky, Greg Patterson, Michael Dean

Welcome to the Grower’s Circle – Canada remains the world leader in regulated cannabis cultivation and we are proud to share the news of our homegrown expertise with the world. To keep cannabis cultivation on the edge of innovation, it’s important to generate an exchange of ideas and insight between growers. To that end, Grow Up is introducing The Grower’s Circle – a one day series of technical sessions that allow growers (both experienced and novice) to get more out their cultivation practices, courtesy of the shared insights of others.

Technical Workshop Description

“Weed” wasn’t just a euphemism. By nature, cannabis is hardy, and amateur growers traditionally gave little thought to its nutritional needs. But as the understanding of the plant has grown exponentially, so has the appreciation of how different soil nutrients can dramatically affect the robustness of cannabinoid and terpene profiles (and how some soil attributes can actually hinder growth). Here’s where you’ll learn about the food under your feet.

Facilitated By: Av Singh

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