When National Branding Hits the Biz

Saturday October 7th
1:00 PM - 1:50 PM - Rooms 207/208
Speakers: David Perruzza, Derek Riedle, Eugenio Garcia, Jared Mirsky, Jenn Larry, Jodie Emery

Until now, the mass-marketing of pot has been fodder for comedians (like Cheech & Chong’s “ad” for Acapulco Gold: The Herb Superb). But now that it’s to be a billion-dollar legitimate industry, what tone will national branding take? Cannabis as a consumer product will be embracing brand recognition and a broad spectrum of audiences. This session will strategize how “Big Bud” should be presented to the marketplace.

Moderator: Derek Riedle, Founder & Publisher, Civilized

Sponsored By: Rouge Media


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