What Will It Take To Succeed in Canadian Cannabis As We Emerge From COVID-19?

Wednesday December 1st
10:30 AM - 11:15 AM - Main Stage Expo Floor
Speakers: Andrew Kain, Chris Jones, David Hyde, Jennifer Caldwell, Sarah Seale

The past year has been a “reckoning” for the Canadian cannabis sector. Many cannabis companies remain unable to turn a profit; but that’s almost a success story compared to those struggling to make payroll and in some cases, even survive. Against this backdrop there are also success stories. The truth is, some cannabis companies have adapted and are finding a way to succeed.

This panel will bring together a group of people who understand the many challenges faced by cannabis companies and have unique insights into what it takes to succeed in Canadian cannabis. We will discuss what went wrong but more importantly, we will focus on what smart cannabis companies should be doing now to turn things around for sustainable success.


Moderator – David Hyde

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