How Was Your Summer? Anything New in Your World?

How Was Your Summer? Anything New in Your World?

Thursday September 12th
9:45 AM - 10:30 AM
Fallsview Theatre
Speakers: Bruce Linton, Tony Chapman

Keynote Interview

If he did nothing else, Bruce Linton would be a cannabis industry hall of famer for founding the production giant Canopy Growth Corp. But the company’s erstwhile CEO is seeking literally greener pastures these days, and is set to write the next chapter in Canada’s global experiment in marijuana marketing. Our business sector is abuzz with speculation about what the longtime influencer is doing next. And the place to hear that is here, in this opening keynote speech. The talk will be followed by a sit-down interview with Tony Chapman that will shine a light on what we’ll all be talking about in 2020.

Featured Speaker: Bruce Linton

Interviewer: Tony Chapman