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Frenchy Dreams of Hashish – Creating a Quality-Focused Market in the Post-Legalization World

Thursday September 12th
2:15 PM - 2:45 PM - Fallsview Theatre
Speakers: Frenchy Cannoli

Keynote Presentation

For the French wine industry, it all came together in 1855, when the Bordeaux Chamber of Commerce and the region’s Vintners Association established a method of evaluation that emphasized quality over quantity after 13,000 years of mass production. The cornerstone of the transformation was the creation of a hierarchic classification of quality that listed the best red wines of the region based on three attributes:

1. A long-standing reputation for quality in the producing region

2. Consistent characteristics that defined the wine from the specific domains in the region

3. Public recognition of the wine’s ability to maintain this identity over time

This system has seen only two official changes in over 160 years; it has been replicated in every wine-producing country in the world and is the foundation of today’s multi-billion-dollar wine industry.

This marketing approach, centered on origin, quality, heritage, and tradition, literally transformed the viticulture industry. Join Frenchy as he explains why this blueprint should be used for the Emerald Triangle cannabis industry.

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