State of the Industry: What We Learned, What We Gained and What It’s Cost

Keynote & Panel Discussion

Looking around us on a map, an optimist sees nothing but upside. Latin America is coming around to both medicinal and recreational marijuana. Europe is following suit. Meanwhile, across the border, 11 states plus D.C. are on the “legalized” ledger. Even the World Health Organization is recommending decriminalization. And ours is the only country prepared to supply cannabis on a global scale. But with great sales comes great responsibility. The push is on to standardize industry-wide to meet global regulations. The supply chain is being shored up. Most of our responses to the pull of demand involve spending more money to accommodate it. And the advent of legal edibles and oils is pushing us to diversify. It’s been a crazy year, and we’re here to predict what comes next.

Moderated By: Tony Chapman

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