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Budtenders + Brands: How We Can Work Together

Tuesday October 3rd
11:45 AM - 12:30 PM - Carson Hall
Speakers: Mackenzie Bentley, Marco Fretes, Samantha Scagliotti, Siobhan McCarthy, Stacey Duff

This panel will focus on fostering effective collaborations between budtenders and cannabis brands. Industry experts, dispensary owners, and brand representatives will explore the symbiotic relationship between budtenders and brands, emphasizing the importance of product knowledge, education, and customer service. Attendees will gain insights into empowering budtenders to be brand ambassadors, creating meaningful connections with consumers, and driving product recommendations based on customers’ preferences and needs. The discussion will underscore the significance of open communication, training, and mutual support between budtenders and brands to enhance customer experiences and cultivate brand loyalty within the competitive cannabis market.
Moderator: Siobhan McCarthy

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