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Unlimited Potential: The Budtender Career Journey

This panel will delve into the boundless potential of the budtender career journey within the cannabis industry. Accomplished budtenders and industry professionals will share their personal experiences, career growth stories, and insights into the various paths available for budtenders. Attendees will gain valuable knowledge about the crucial role budtenders play in educating customers, recommending products, and building meaningful connections. The discussion will highlight the diverse opportunities, from entry-level positions to management roles, showcasing the significance of budtenders in shaping positive customer experiences and contributing to the success of dispensaries and cannabis businesses. Aspiring budtenders and industry enthusiasts will be inspired by the stories shared and empowered to embark on their own rewarding career journeys within the thriving world of cannabis.
Moderator: Julie Domingo

Nutrient Management: Balancing Feeding Schedules for Healthy Cannabis Plants

This panel will focus on the critical aspect of nutrient management in cannabis cultivation to maintain healthy and robust plants. Expert growers and horticulturists will share their knowledge on the ideal nutrient formulations, feeding schedules, and best practices to optimize plant growth and maximize yields. Attendees will gain valuable insights into the essential macro and micronutrients required for different growth stages, ensuring proper nutrient uptake and avoiding deficiencies or excesses. The discussion will equip growers with practical strategies to achieve a balanced and sustainable nutrient regimen, fostering the health and vitality of their cannabis crops.
Moderator: Taylor Kirk

BC Direct Program : What You Need To Know

This panel will provide an in-depth overview of the BC DIRECT Cannabis Program, focusing on its objectives, benefits, and impact on the cannabis industry. Representatives from the program and industry experts will share insights into how it facilitates direct access to cannabis products for consumers while ensuring compliance with regulations. Attendees will learn about the program’s features, such as online ordering, delivery options, and customer support, and its role in promoting responsible cannabis consumption and safety. The discussion will highlight the significance of the BC DIRECT Cannabis Program in shaping the consumer experience and fostering a well-regulated and thriving cannabis market in the region.
Moderator: David Brown

Retail Entrepreneurship: Lessons from Trailblazers and Industry

This panel will feature trailblazing entrepreneurs and industry leaders who have achieved success in the cannabis sector. They will share their firsthand experiences, challenges, and triumphs in building thriving businesses within the cannabis industry. Attendees will gain valuable insights into the key strategies, innovations, and best practices that have contributed to their success. The discussion will inspire aspiring cannabis entrepreneurs, providing them with valuable lessons and practical advice to navigate the unique opportunities and obstacles in this rapidly growing market.
Moderator: Julie Domingo

Cannabis & Science: Latest Research and Medical Breakthroughs

This panel will delve into the cutting-edge research and medical advancements related to cannabis. Renowned scientists, researchers, and medical experts will present their latest findings on the therapeutic properties of cannabis compounds, including cannabinoids and terpenes. Attendees will gain valuable insights into the potential applications of cannabis in various medical fields, such as pain management, neurology, oncology, and mental health. The discussion will shed light on the current state of cannabis research, ongoing clinical trials, and the potential impact of these breakthroughs on patient care and healthcare practices.
Moderator: Dr. Av Singh

Tapping into Tourism: Cannabis-Friendly Travel Destinations and Experiences

This panel will explore the emerging trend of cannabis-friendly tourism and its potential economic impact on destinations. Experts in the travel industry and representatives from cannabis-friendly regions will discuss the legal and regulatory frameworks that have enabled cannabis tourism to thrive. Attendees will learn about innovative cannabis-related travel experiences, such as guided tours of cannabis facilities, consumption lounges, and educational events. The discussion will highlight the importance of responsible tourism practices and how cannabis-friendly destinations can create unique and memorable experiences for visitors, attracting a growing niche of cannabis enthusiasts and curious travelers alike.
Moderator: David Brown

Opening Remarks

We would like to welcome everyone to Grow Up with a land acknowledgement and Grow Up’s President and CEO, Randy Rowe.