Beyond The Grass Ceiling Cannabis Without Limits (Networking Breakfast)

Beyond The Grass Ceiling Cannabis Without Limits (Networking Breakfast)

Saturday September 14th
8:30 AM - 10:00 AM
Port Colborne Lounge
Speakers: Egle Adomaityte, Hilda Gan, Jeanette VanderMarel, Kieley Beaudry, Kristina Shea, Melinda Rombouts, Pari Nejatie, BSc, Patty Comeau, Reena Rampersad, Samantha Roman

Separate Ticketed Event.

In a business where the female plant is queen, it’s ironic that gender bias would exist at all. But an industry that continues to write its own rules has an opportunity to reject the “boys club” mentality and reward the contribution of women, tangibly through pay-equity and other issues, and attitudinally. This networking session is a coffee-fueled think-tank on how to facilitate the full participation of women in our workplaces.

Join our trained facilitators through a “pro-active solution-based” workshop designed to gather the collective wisdom of the room and generate applicable solutions for change. Helping to create a workplace where women are encouraged to apply and when engaged can participate fully. This networking breakfast allows female cultivators and entrepreneurs to share their experiences, challenges and successes with others in the cannabis business. There are inspirational stories to be heard, and relationships to forge.

Moderated By: Samantha Roman