Risk Management and Insurance for Cultivation/Extraction Facilities

There is buying Insurance policies for protection and then there is making Risk Management an organizational priority to reduce the impact a claim has on your Business. Fady Kamel has been working with Large LPs, Retail Stores and everything in between since 2016 and will discuss the importance of Good Risk Management Practices throughout your organization.

Out of the Bag: Addressing the Challenges of Cannabis Packaging

    • The journey from seed to shelf – ND understands what goes into your product and what goes into ours
    • Current state of packaging – How regulations affect the choices producers make. Challenges with materials, costs and keeping your products fresh.
    • Working together – Why is packaging one of the last things producers think about but the first thing a consumer sees?
    • Sustainability – the future of cannabis packaging

Moderator – Kevin Lee



Simplifying the Cannabis Supply Chain with Automation

The industry has raced to move to online, experienced massive fluctuations in consumer demand, and is now balancing brick and mortar as well as online sales, this all leads to new complexities in the cannabis supply chain making it difficult to navigate. Align that with mergers, acquisitions, and international growth and the complexity becomes unmanageable in the current state of how we execute within our supply chain. It is critical to have good planning in place to defend profit and attack competition. Operational transparency and efficiency are key to be first to market, avoid disruption, and prepare for future growth. This session will discuss transforming order fulfillment strategies using automation to set up operations for business success.

The Importance of Clean in the Cannabis Industry

In many respects, the cannabis industry is now just coming on-line into full facility care cleaning. Facility care has been happening for decades now and occurs in areas like Pharma & Food product producing facilities, as well as Hospitals and Long Term Care facilities where pathogens and words like nosocomial are well understood. Much of what has been learned in the cleaning industry is tried and true and we’ve come to know what we now know, largely through failure, so our ambition is to disseminate some failure avoidance principals and focus on the business of cleaning, to support the business of cannabis on the following themes:


  • Broad Facility Care Discussion
  • IPA – Potential Health and Environmental Risk
  • Danger in the workplace – Multi-faceted discussion – Worker and Environment
  • WHMIS, as it relates to the worker and Cannabis production facilities
  • Green Cleaning and GreenGuard Gold certification for cleaning chemicals used indoors
  • Production – Equipment to task as opposed to labour to task
  • Training – Specific to facility care knowledge
  • Building Service Contractors – Their place in the cannabis industry

Cannabis Farmgate in Canada: Overview and Future Directions

Cannabis farmgate refers to a retail store where cannabis products are sold directly to customers by a federally licensed producer (LP), usually at their production site. Despite considerable publicity and apparent interest by the industry and consumers, uptake is at a very early stage. Ontario is the only province with cannabis farmgate operations, although Saskatchewan’s retail framework allows it. The BC government will launch a farmgate program in 2022. New Brunswick announced in late August 2021 that it will implement a farmgate program as soon as possible.

The presentation will explain what cannabis farmgate is and could become, looking at the prospects for different licensees, including cultivators. Ideas being discussed include using farmgate stores to promote cannabis tourism and providing tasting and sampling as with wineries and craft breweries. The presentation will review provincial governments’ moves to establish farmgate programming and conclude by considering the outlook for farmgate in applicable provinces. The scope for cultivators’ participation will be discussed with fresh insights from BC’s current consultation exercise.


  • Learn the model’s key components.
  • Farmgate in many forms: can it work in any setting?
  • Opportunity for co-operative farmgate models and selling other producer’s products.
  • The model’s potential as a new sales channel and strategic driver of new business.
  • What’s the outlook for farmgate store openings across Canada?

What Will It Take To Succeed in Canadian Cannabis As We Emerge From COVID-19?

The past year has been a “reckoning” for the Canadian cannabis sector. Many cannabis companies remain unable to turn a profit; but that’s almost a success story compared to those struggling to make payroll and in some cases, even survive. Against this backdrop there are also success stories. The truth is, some cannabis companies have adapted and are finding a way to succeed.

This panel will bring together a group of people who understand the many challenges faced by cannabis companies and have unique insights into what it takes to succeed in Canadian cannabis. We will discuss what went wrong but more importantly, we will focus on what smart cannabis companies should be doing now to turn things around for sustainable success.


Moderator – David Hyde